The Soundtrack of Delraaz Bunshah’s Life


There are songs that make you shake a leg, then there are songs that make you want to go out and break a leg. There are also songs that have epiphany inducing powers. Our playlists transcend beyond speakers and transform into the soundtrack of our lives. 

Delraaz Bunshah is a Mumbai-based musician, with a discography at Disney, Hotstar and various classic musicals. Her heartfelt renditions of chartbusters from the pop and rock genre have snowballed a following of thousands. Discover Delraaz’s soundtrack with a mix of genres and timelines that seamlessly incorporate into her life.

1. New Light - John Mayer  

With a retro twist, the album of this song is fused with the sound of John Mayer’s old albums. This one in particular, is a song Delraaz reaches for to paint a nostalgic image. 

2. From Now On - The Greatest Showman  

Amidst the grandeur of the musical, this song shows the protagonist in a relatable light. “I listen to this song at times when I feel stuck” says Delraaz. It is a song that helps her clear her head. 

3. Another Day of Sun - La La Land  

A song that induces warmth and optimism, she turns to this song for a moment of joy. 

 4. Easy On Me - Adele  

Often using it to test her technical capabilities, Delraaz opts for this song to practise translating her emotions to the listener. 

 5. You and I - Lady Gaga  

A song very special to her, this was the first ever tune that she vocalized in front of a crowd. “It was first time I got a hint of what I was capable of” mentions Delraaz. 

6. Friday – Goldspot 

Introduced to this song by her brother, Delraaz can never decide between the English and Hindi version. It radiates an emotional tune that means different things in both the languages. 

7. The Story - Brandi Carlile

A song that helps her get over the ‘instant gratification’ rut and instead motivates her to have patience to wait for the good things in life.