Vitamin Talk: The Supplements You Need Today

Our lifestyles have fluctuated a great deal in the last year and a half. At first, we were all locked in. Then came a few weeks of relaxation - but it wasn’t long before we went back into lockdown again. With vaccinations on the rise, there’s a glimmer of hope for things to normalise soon, but a lot still remains uncertain. This uncertainty coupled with constant and rapid changes can leave us feeling exhausted and affect our overall health. How do we stay on top of our game in this new age?


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Dr. Kiran Sethi Lohia, Founder of Isya Aesthetics


With new terms such as ‘maskne’ and ‘Zoom fatigue’ trending, we spoke with Dr. Kiran Sethi Lohia, an integrative aesthetics and wellness doctor, and founder of the Delhi-based Isya Aesthetics, to get the latest on vitamins, skin and wellness. For Dr. Sethi, diet, exercise and sleep play the most important role in staying healthy, while treatments for skin and hair and supplements are secondary. “I don’t believe we need extra vitamins if we are eating well,” she says. “But they are a great way to boost people who have been depleted through daily life, travel, stress, illness, etcetera.”

We asked, and she answered. Here’s everything you need to know about modern vitamins and the IV cocktails celebrities such as Adele, Chrissy Teigen, and the Kardashians seem to love:

What are the vitamins vital for us in today’s day and age, keeping in mind our new realities, in a mid/post-pandemic scenario?

It depends on each person’s lifestyle and requirements. If you’re looking for extra glow - then you must add glutathione and vitamin C to your diet. Lycopene extract and N-acetyl cysteine are very effective in combating discoloration or pigmentation. For dry skin, psoriasis and rosacea, Primrose oil or omega 3 fatty acids work wonders. Want healthier hair? Look for biotin and trace minerals. Collagen supplements too help with hair breakage and keep the skin looking younger. For general immunity boosting, vitamin C does the trick.

What are the ways through which we can incorporate these vitamins and how does each route differ?

You can take ingestible tablets or drinks, but the dosage must be correct. Gummies are fun additives, but rarely do they have as much dosage as is required. IV supplementation is often the fastest way to boost internal stores as oral supplements don't often help if you have gut issues. Since it goes straight into your system, it’s a lot more effective. And most of us are dehydrated, so IV drips really boost hydration.


Vitamins, IV drips, Healthcare, Zoom Fatigue, IV Vitamin Treatment, Skincare, Supplements


What are the different types of IV Vitamin Drip treatments available?

We do courses depending on the need and always take breaks to ensure there’s no overdosage. Blood tests are done to watch efficacy. A few that we offer at Isya are:

BASIC: Your fast, convenient alternative to drinking 8+ glasses of water a day which provides you with 1 litre of fluid for an essential boost of hydration and electrolytes in under 30 minutes. This is the mainstay treatment for dehydration in hospitals around the world.

LIT: This infusion rejuvenates the skin from within to leave you looking ‘lit’. Collagen and glutathione are infused along with all of the essential vitamins your skin needs to glow.

HIGH C: Great to boost immunity during or after you’re unwell. It includes extra Vitamin C and an energising, balancing mix of ingredients to ease muscle aches and pains associated with illness and get you back to your daily routine faster than ever.

WOKE: An energising infusion for overall wellness and vitality that will leave you feeling ‘woke’. This infusion targets a variety of concerns that would otherwise leave you slow-moving and unmotivated. The infusion hydrates, balances your electrolytes, and infuses a balanced blend of vitamins to restore your body’s equilibrium and leave you feeling refreshed.

REHAB: The effects of being a socialite and jet setter have met their match with the REHAB IV Infusion. This high-powered infusion helps with rapid recovery after traveling or long weekends.

THE MAGIC MARKLE: Named after Meghan Markle, this is an infusion for when you need a 360 degree turnaround in energy, glow, performance, hydration, immunity and more. The treatment leaves you ultra-hydrated with feeling refreshed for days to weeks.

How soon does one see results after the first dose of the treatment and how long do they last?

Typically you can see results within 1-3 sessions, and drip results can last months, depending on your lifestyle, health and internal requirements.

What are some side effects one can have as a result of one of these IV treatments?

Some people feel dizzy and a little bloated, but that goes away fast. Rarely, an allergy may happen.

What are some common misconceptions surrounding the procedure? Could you please demystify a few?

People think that it’s very invasive - when it's simply nimbu-pani (sterile of course!) with vitamins. It’s not painful but actually quite relaxing. And it’s not addictive - you can do a course or a one-off, and then continue with proper diet and supplementation if that does the job.

What does your day skincare routine look like nowadays?

I love a gentle cleansing with a cleansing cream, followed by a vitamin C serum. Right now, I am using ZO Obagi 10%, which I alternate with iS CLINICAL Super Serum Advance. Then I use the Fillerina Day Treatment Cream which offers heavy moisturisation and anti-aging benefits. And of course, sunblock! I was previously using Supergoop, trying FCL Chemfree now. Before I go to bed, I use Adapalene - a gentle topical retinoid and the Fillerina Night Treatment Cream. The oil from Vintner's Daughter is a must have for winters!


Vitamins, IV drips, Healthcare, Zoom Fatigue, IV Vitamin Treatment, Skincare, Supplements


What are the cool new trends emerging in the skincare industry right now?

There are so many, but the infusion patches of skincare, so you get deeper product infusion with laser machines are becoming very popular.

What is the best skincare advice you’ve ever received?

Keep it simple! Don't go overboard with scrubs, home facials and home remedies. Keep the skin barrier intact and care for it like its gold.

Last word on vitamins?

Don't take them forever! Take them under guidance of a doctor, and also stop them when required!