Experience spa-like wellness and holistic nourishment with Aminu’s line of skin and body products.

      7 products

      7 products

      Occasional indulgences are key to tackling today’s fast paced world. With self care at the core, relaxation and rejuvenation is what this nature derived brand ascribes to provide. When holistic wellness and self care is what you seek, turn to Aminu’s range of pure, natural products that are refined to their highest potential.  

      Founded by husband wife duo Aman Mohunta and Prachi Bhandari in 2019, Aminu skincare products are built on the philosophy of making great skin health easily achievable to everyone. 

      This husband wife duo founded Aminu skincare on the simple philosophy of constant innovation to deliver highly effective products that also simplify your regimen. They aimed to develop multi-tasking, high-performance, nature-based healing treatments that target inflammations, environmental damage, uneven tones, spots, premature aging concerns and offer nutrient-dense support for the long-term improvement of all types of skin. Keeping in line with their core values, all of Aminu’s skincare products are 100 percent micro-plastic free and biodegradable.  

      With an ideology where beauty comes with time, care and nature comprising its entire ethos, shop these enriching products from the Aminu skincare line online at Le Mill’s curation of Aminu skincare products online includes serums and creams that emerge from a blend of nature and refined technology to improve skin health. Shop the collections at our brick-and-mortar space in Colaba or online at 

      Clean Beauty Routine with Aminu Skincare Products 

      Aminu skincare poducts are formulated with highly effective, clean skincare that works and is bio-compatible to each skin type. Aminu skincare products contains Phyto-nutrient herb infused oil that is made of macerated herbs, roots, flowers, vitamins, seed oils, etc. It also includes biotechnologically derived molecules, marine & bio-identical ingredients, essential vitamins, energizing minerals & oils, advanced technologies, innovative brightening or blemish clearing ingredients to deliver safe & effective results. 

      Indulge yourself or spoil a loved one with Aminu’s skincare products, rooted in the science of nature. Discover Aminu skincare online at 

      Holistic Enrichment Where Nature Meets Science-Buy Aminu Skincare Products Online from Le Mill 

      Aminu’s range of skincare products include face and body treatments that are scouted from across the world to source the high quality ingredients, precious plant extracts, researched pure molecules, muds & clays, oils and potent vitamins & minerals. Each of Aminu skincare products possess formulations that are carefully planned to boost healing with each ingredient that is included. 

      The Galencial Nourishing Sleep Oil is a living molecular healing oil by Aminu- from seed to body. Based on a complex of seed oils, chamomile, calendula & Amazonian oils, this one is a safe, natural & holistic alternative to CBD (Cannabidiol). This restoring formula of the Aminu oil is the first of its kind, designed to nurture the endocannabinoid system at the root while helping skin to calm and repair. 

      Imagine an invisible blanket that you can put "all over" your body- that is this Aminu skincare product for you. Bursting with omegas 6 & 9, hyaluronic acid, powerful botanicals & antioxidants, this Vit B Nourishing Body Lotion by Aminu replenishes the skin's moisture barrier for a natural glow. Light enough for summers yet rich enough for winters, the nourishing body lotion by Aminu is perfect for 365 days a year. 

      The Aminu Doting Nutrient Day Cream evens out tone and increases collagen production. Powered by the BioFerm Oil technology, the multi-active formula of this Aminu cream boosts hydration, exhibits powerful antioxidant activity, and offers superb protection to the skin leaving dewy skin all day long. This cream by Aminu quickly penetrates, & a small amount goes a long way! 

      The Supernatural - Marine Clay Mask is a detoxifying, hydrating and gentle exfoliating clay mask by Aminu. The marine mask by Aminu skincare - to dry skin, it transfers its water, and to oily skin, its ionic activity brings to the surface the clogged particles which are thus eliminated with the clay. 

      The Creamy - Body Cleanser by Aminu skincare replenishes the skin's moisture barrier for a natural glow. This lightweight cleanser by Aminu skincare hydrates brightens, protects the skin from environmental stressors, and prevents premature aging. The creamy formula of this Aminu cleanser transforms into a nourishing love as you cleanse. 

      Find holistic collections of Aminu skincare products online at Le Mill. You can expect a line of face and body products by Aminu skincare that rely on nature and science to deliver high quality enrichment at Le Mill’s online store- This range of Aminu skincare is carefully curated to fit the needs of the modern Indian woman.