#LeMillRecommends: Things To Do This Mother's Day At Home

If you’re lucky enough to be around the mother hen this year, you truly know gratitude. Moms are marvellous creatures of extreme self-sufficiency, but it’s important to oil their machinery, today and often with love in the little moments. This Mother’s Day, show her what you can’t say (and have fun with it). If the lockdown clamped down on extravagant plans you had with your real-life A1 since day 1, try these instead, with two precious ingredients- time and presence.


Do Up Her WFH Space

Mothers Day, Mommy and me, Things to do, Home

Whether it’s a makeshift study or a well-equipped in-house cabin, get this boss woman the flower subscription of her dreams. It’s a large part of her life that she takes pride in, show her you appreciate her by adding a personal touch that’ll start her day right. Throw in some air purifying plants and pin up a heartful note that’ll always remind her of you.


Host Family Game Day

Mothers Day, Mommy and me, Things to do, Home

Set up a thrilling day of games that would make her nostalgic. Play Pictionary, Taboo, Jenga, and if you’re feeling the love overload- pull out the Monopoly for some good ol’ family feuds. Don’t forget the finger food!


Take A Virtual Class Together

Mothers Day, Mommy and me, Things to do, Home

Does she love her ceramics? Is she a bathroom dancer? You know mom better than anybody else. Surprise her with a scheduled Zoom lesson for two on pottery, Zumba or something she’s always (not so secretly) wanted to try. The best part? She won’t make a fool herself... alone.


Plan Date Night with Mom

Mothers Day, Mommy and me, Things to do, Home

Whip up some old-school classics that she made you as a child, but with your own spin on it. Open a nice bottle of wine and exchange goofy memories over dinner. For dessert, run a movie marathon with her all-time favourite feel-good films in bed.


Organise A Special Bubble Bath

Mothers Day, Mommy and me, Things to do, Home

She’s held down the fort all this while, relieve her stress today, if only momentarily. Gift her a bath hamper with relaxing salts and essential oils. Add a book of her most-enjoyed genre and some scented candles for a complete queen regime.


Make A Scrap Book of Memories

Mothers Day, Mommy and me, Things to do, Home

Tap into your artsy side and pull out the big guns with this one. Create collages with stickers, glitter and photographs, just like you would’ve when you were younger. Add a handwritten letter for her to read and cherish for years to come.