What Does Your Bag Say About You?

It’s an eternal debate: those who like bite-sized bags that only fit their essentials; and then are those, who like to carry their world with them in bags that are more arsenal and armour, than accessory, as they tackle the day ahead. Depending on which camp you fall in, your personality can be defined by the bag you choose to wear.

It’s not a new concept - historically, fashion has always fit the constructs of society, and the roles we inhabit in it. For example, Steve Jobs and his need for a pragmatic wardrobe steeped in polo necks and Levi’s 501s. Actresses like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and their floor-grazing gowns, as seen on red carpets around the world. Case in point, some fashion choices are occupational hazards.

Similarly, bags too, belong best with certain owners. In doing so, bags, those quotidian wardrobe staples, become a part of our bodies, an extension, a third limb, that serves a purpose, while proclaiming to the world who we are and what we do.

Read on to see what your bag says about you.


The Purse

Bags, Chloé, Saint Laurent, Purse

Motty Mini Bag by Chloé, Tess Mini Bag by Chloé, Chain Wallet Pochon by Saint Laurent

Introduced in the ‘90s the Fendi Baguette (named after the similar looking French bread loaf), was the perfect underarm purse. What it contained? A lipstick, a Motorola flip phone, and a credit card. Mini bags have always been the trend-hopper’s arm candy (just like Carrie Bradshaw in the hit series). Low-maintenance and always ready for a snapshot, this is a bag that can easily be spotted getting a croissant at a chic café or cocktails at the newest, coolest bar in town with your friendly-foursome.


The Summer Tote

Bags, Chloé, Saint Laurent, Totes

Boucle Shopping Bag by Saint Laurent, Darryl Tote by Chloé, Rive Gauche Shopping Bag by Saint Laurent

Our feeds have been an overdose of vacationer’s on beaches everywhere. But the protagonist in these posts is none other than the supple, supersized straw or canvas tote bag. Totes double up as your home away from home, holding all of your summer essentials. Planning an exit to Sri Lanka or Maldives? These bags can carry you through your plans.


The Crossbody

Bags, Wandler, Saint Laurent, Cross Body Bag

Besace Monogram Bag by Saint Laurent, Nana Bag by Wandler, Lou Mini Bag by Saint Laurent

A little adventurous and a whole lot of hands-free, the crossbody is a style chameleon and fits into any modern-day closet. Whether you’re grocery shopping while pushing a pram, or attending a perfectly socially distant party, there’s a crossbody for every scenario. This one is a tribute to the many moods and multiple facets of being the people that we are.


The Clutch

Bags, Chloé, Saint Laurent, Clutch

Kate Clutch by Saint Laurent, Darryl Bag by Chloé, Chain Wallet by Saint Laurent

Fun fact: the Royals always carry a clutch as part of their dress code protocol. And if you thought that was a strange ask, it helps ward off unwanted handshakes (and now a safety measure in a pandemic-ridden world). Perfect for your weekly social calendar, the clutch can take you from summer brunches to corporate functions. The compact clutch is a statement-makers sustenance.


The Top Handle

Bags, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Top Handle Bags

Cassandra Monogram Bag by Saint Laurent, Small Hourglass Bag by Balenciaga, Sac de Jour by Saint Laurent

A mum’s arsenal, this bag means business. If you’re a boss lady, juggling multiple meetings and date nights, this one’s for you. It’s smart, sleek, and non-fussy, but also a prominent part of your outfit for the day, as it hangs on the crook of your arm.