A Day In The Life Of The Ladies Behind The PDKF Store

Every once in a while comes a cool label, led by women, whose style we would like to channel. Jaipur-based Gauravi Kumari (@gauravikumari) and Claire Deroo’s (@clairederoo) label The PDKF (Princess Diya Kumari Foundation) Store brings their personal classic yet contemporary style to a brand with a Gen-Z energy and made by the hands of local craftswomen. Think Rajasthani motifs in playful silhouettes. Co-ord sets and summer dresses. Scrunchies in block-printed fabrics, and woven straw bags with quintessential Jaipuri-elements.



The consciously cool label employs an army of talented craftswomen who have been trained and provided a livelihood as part of the label’s do-good ethos. 

We sat down with the duo to get their AM to PM routine - the skincare that works for them, the designers they love, and how the city of Jaipur informs their world. Here’s a peek into the lives of the ladies behind The PDKF Store.



Wake up call:

Gauravi: First up is a hot coffee

Claire: Fresh coconut water


Early bird or night owl?

Gauravi: Night owl

Claire: Early bird during the week, night owl on the weekends


The best part about a #workwife:

Gauravi: Working with Claire is easy and inspiring at the same time. She’s very creative and has a great eye for detail.

Claire: We always agree on everything which is great and Gauravi is very conscientious and much more serious than I am!


A typical day at work:

Gauravi: Working with the women of the foundation is always exciting and we get to learn so many new things everyday.

Claire: The foundation's home, Badal Mahal is the most magical place, it doesn't feel like work.



A designer you love and why:

Gauravi: Coco Chanel because she not only revolutionized women's fashion but also inspired and changed what was expected of women.

Claire: Simon Porte Jacquemus! The fabrics are beautiful, and you feel amazing in his clothes.


Off-duty routine:

Gauravi: Spending time with friends and family.

Claire: Surround myself with friends.



Au natural or full face of makeup?

Both: Natural


Your personal style is…

Gauravi: All about feeling comfortable in my clothes.

Claire: Colourful!



Skincare essentials:

Gauravi: Sunscreen! And Gulab Jal to keep my skin hydrated.

Claire: Flower water, jojoba oil (which is very good against pollution), and tea tree if a pimple comes!


Healthy eating or junk food?

Gauravi: A little bit of both!

Claire: Both!


Stilettos or sneakers?

Gauravi: Mostly sneakers but stilettos for special occasions.

Claire: Sneakers in the day and stilettos at night, always.


Gym or sports?

Both: Pilates!!!


If you could have dinner with any one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Gauravi: My great grandmother, Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur. I would love to ask her about her days in Jaipur.

Claire: Simone de Beauvoir, an icon of women empowerment.


Life’s mantra:

Gauravi: To stay humble, kind and positive.

Claire: 'A woman can be overdressed but never over elegant' - Coco Chanel


What’s one thing you wish the world knew about Jaipur?

Gauravi: There is a sort of a renaissance in Jaipur. The city was built to be a hub where cultures, art, ideas and people came together to find a new identity. That phenomenon is finding a new meaning today through initiatives like The PDKF Store, Nila House and The Sculpture Park among others.


What’s one thing you love about Rajasthani culture?

Claire: The women's colourful poshak (especially when they dance!)



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