#VocalForLocal: Creativity Finds Its Hub In The Pink City

A place where inspiration is found in every bylane, each nook and cranny of its grand old forts and by its serene lakes - Jaipur’s cultural heritage is reflected in its architecture, art, music, textiles, and design culture. Its filigree arches, blue pottery, and geometric stepwells have made their way to the mood boards of several designers and creatives around the world.

The capital city’s history is embedded with tales of the valour of its Rajput rulers. But beyond its stories of conquests and castles, its history is also loaded with its textile tales. Its story is intertwined with the use of age-old craft techniques passed through the hands of generations and sustained today in modern labels and their contemporary interpretations. This is how traditions as old as time live on today among the new-era heritage keepers of Jaipur.

We asked seven creatives from our Pink City Edit what Jaipur, the land of royals, sand dunes and, colour riots, means to them and this is what they had to say -


Tahir Sultan, Founder of Tahir Sultan

Tahir Sultan, Jaipur, Creative, Pink City

Tahir Sultan

“Jaipur is a creative hub away from the rigours of a fast paced urban life. The heritage is inspiring and if one is interested enough to explore and really get into all the city has to offer, then one is sure to fall upon the unexpected which always ends up being both magical and inspiring.”


Simon Marks and Satish Reddy, Co-founders of Dhaj

Dhaj, Creatives, Pink City, Jaipur


“What draws me here are the amazing crafts and artisans that can make beautiful and functional objects from copper-pots to block-printed fabrics. There are master craftspeople in and around Jaipur who with their skill and artistry manifest an idea into reality. The old city, wandering amidst the bazaars, the smells, sights and sounds - every day can bring a new perspective and stimulation.”


Aditi Ghiya, Jewellery Designer and Founder of Adi Handmade

Adi Handmade, Jewellery, pink city, Jaipur, Creatives

Adi Handmade

“Jaipur is a treasure chest for the nourishment of my creative energy. What I find most unique about this city is the contrast of raw nature with lavish and intricate architecture seen in its forts and palaces, each blending with the other. I appreciate it’s gentle pace, which allows for the effortless cultivation of creativity.”


Vikram Kapoor, Owner of Kapoor Rugs

Vikram Kapoor, SN Kapoor, creatives, Pink City, Jaipur

Kapoor Rugs

“Driving through the old city every single day on my way to work inspires me to create and design (barring the odd day when an insolent cow won’t budge or a scooter will come flying out of the myriad of bylanes). Jaipur is home and I feel so lucky to be a tiny part of it.”


Virginia Borrero, Designer and Founder of De Castro

De Castro Moda, Creatives, Pink City, Jaipur

De Castro

“I see Jaipur as a playground where I can create a fusion of Colombia and India in a joyful way.”


Nur Kaoukji, Co-founder of Ecru

Ecru, Pink City, Jaipur, Creatives


“It was 5 am on a dewy morning when I had landed into the old airport of Jaipur - a sort of bungalow where a rangoli was being made. I saw an innate need to beautify, specifically using nature, be it in a simple way or an intricate one. That morning marked me strongly. I knew I would pack up my apartment in London, tell my family and friends in Beirut and Kuwait that this was it, I fell in love! I moved to a city that moved me in a different kind of way. Jaipur is the home I chose, and it’s reciprocated by giving me my passion for everything handmade, made slowly, skillfully and intricately, to bring beauty.”


Thierry Journo, Founder of Idli

Idli, Creatives, Pink City, Jaipur


“Jaipur for me is a city of all things extraordinary. I find the light in particular very inspiring. The jewellery, the marble, the textile design, the printing - Jaipur is inspiring for a thousand and one reasons.”

For the people who now call this city home, or have grown up amidst its cultural infusion, Jaipur is a place of many perspectives. It thrives within its collective, providing the rest of the country with a new-era of design.


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