#VocalForLocal: One Dress, Much To Impress

We love a sari that’s not only sustainable, but also super swanky and there’s no better way to feeling dressy in something traditional than by draping a cascading piece of fabric that beautifully blends culture and class.

Kumari Sari, Dress Sari, Vocal for Local, Sustainable, Rashmi Varma

Fresh on the block and bringing back the sari with a whole lot of style, Kumari Saris have us driveling over their sari dresses. Upcycled, upbeat and of unmatched panache – each of these can be meticulously morphed and styled in several different ways. One for each mood, outing or time of the day!

We got in touch with designer and co-founder Rashmi Varma of Kumari Saris to delve into this beautiful brand on a deeper level. There’s a lot more than meets the eye to getting your hands on your very own cardinal Kumari, and we’re getting you a bit closer to the brand with these five questions:

Kumari Sari, Dress Sari, Vocal for Local, Sustainable, Rashmi Varma

Describe Kumari Saris in 3 words

We only need one word: Infinite!

Infinitely relevant, infinitely wearable and infinitely beautiful - we could go on (Infinitely. Ha!)


In 1 sentence, explain why/ how you arrived at the name Kumari

Kumari embodies the idea of youth - something that is irrespective of age, marital status or any other labels.

Kumari Sari, Dress Sari, Vocal for Local, Sustainable, Rashmi Varma

Tell us something we don’t know and won't get to read online about Kumari?

We love wearing our own Kumari's as much as we love making them.  Also, it's amazing to see how many bridesmaids are loving Kumari - we can't wait for the wedding season to see them being worn!


How do you like to wear/ style the Silk Sssnake Sari?

A red lip, and a great pair of heels.

Depending on occasion we drape and style accordingly, see our how to drape videos for more inspiration!

Kumari Sari, Dress Sari, Vocal for Local, Sustainable, Rashmi Varma

Which Kumari(s) do you personally own?

We have most of them, though the longest ones in our wardrobes are solid black and the all over roses. They are so versatile that it is easy to wear them on many different occasions.


While Kumari Saris have much to offer and come with uncountable ways to style and strike a pose, what we love most about a Kumari is how it brings back vintage with modish vehemence.

In a day and age of fast fashion and excessive waste in the textile industry, Kumari’s cognizance to reducing waste and introducing snappy sari dresses that aren’t restrictive in the way you choose to wear them, has our hearts set on getting one of these!

Sweet like silk and fine like skin, we can’t get over Kumari’s Silk Sssnake collection – already available at our store! Comprising six distinctive and evocative shades, the snake collection is a limited edition collection ready to up your timeless and trendy fashion game by a notch.


Get yourself your very own Silk Sssnake Kumari sari/dress here.