#VocalForLocal: This Brother-Sister Duo is Modernising Indian Jewellery for a Global Audience

Growing up between the cultural hubs of Jaipur in India and Padua in Italy has given Akshat and Aditi Ghiya a global perspective on life. Drawing from their family’s long history with gems, the brother and sister are carrying forward the legacy with Tallin and Adi Handmade - two new-age jewellery labels that transcend cultural boundaries in their unique ways.


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Brother-Sister Duo: Akshat and Aditi Ghiya


Akshat founded Tallin in 2016, after inheriting a rich knowledge of gemstones from his father. The label boasts of juicy, captivating, candy-coloured gems and radiant diamonds that will have you Zoom-ready within minutes. Tallin’s unexpected combinations of vibrant stones set in floral motifs puts gardens in full spring to shame.

“Stones are the main focus in all of our work. We usually design around the stones and not the other way around,” shares the founder and creative head, who designs the jewellery with his mother, Namrata Ghiya. Jaipur’s jewellery district is renowned all over the world for its expert cutters, polishers and traders. Tallin taps into the city’s resources, while also sourcing emeralds from Colombia, rubies from Thailand, and sapphires from Sri Lanka.


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Adi Handmade, on the other hand, takes the minimalistic route. Think polki diamonds set in geometric patterns on rings and pendants you can wear day in and day out - these are pieces that reflect simple, refined everyday luxury.

Aditi shares her design philosophy - “I believe simplicity is timeless. By keeping it simple, I am able to honor both the traditional and the contemporary and explore the beauty found in their balance.” The collections are created by playing with various methods of stone setting and manufacturing, which results in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be replicated.

Each handcrafted piece is inspired by the spiritual energy of the Pink City, punctuated with intricate details and bears the hallmark of traditional polki and kundan craftsmanship.


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Like chalk and cheese, while the two labels aesthetics are quite distinct from one another, what unites them is their aim to highlight the talent of local craftsmen and preserve traditional methods of stone-cutting with handmade jewellery that reflects the global narrative of their family.

By working with traditional artisans and craftsmen in their atelier in Jaipur, the siblings are modernising age-old craft techniques and adding a contemporary, global touch to Indian jewellery for the rest of the world.


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